Wednesday, December 2, 2015

PTSD Treatment with Iboga

Now that I live in Costa Rica, one of the ways I keep in touch with my friends back home is on Facebook. A few months ago I could tell my good friend Eric was really struggling again with his PTSD from his FB posts. So I reached out to him and let him know that iboga can really help with PTSD. At first I could tell he was a little skeptical and thought that iboga was only for drug addicts trying to kick their addictions. I had a good talk with him on the phone one night and he started to realize iboga could really help him.  He had tried everything the VA had to offer and nothing had worked. He was sick and tired of living that way and was willing to try anything. I am so happy for him that he decided to give iboga a shot and face his PTSD head on.

Here is his testimonial after his treatment I gave him with Iboga. Eric struggled with PTSD for 12 years since his tour in Iraq. So pumped for him to have finally found some peace. It was amazing for me to be a part of and witness his transformation.