Thursday, April 2, 2015

My Boy Derby's 8 Month Update after Iboga Drug Detox Program @ Iboga Wellness Center

I first met Tim Derby around 5 or 6 years ago. I still remember the day very clearly, Tim came to my shop to meet a mutual drug dealer, we were both getting our daily supply. While at my shop Tim was checking out my Harley's. We got to talking about bikes and it turned out he was a Harley mechanic. He loved bikes just as much as me, we have been brothers ever since. We had a lot in common, both shared the love for motorcycles, and both had drug/opiate addictions. This made for an instant friendship and brotherly bond that we still share today. We still both love motorcycles, but have both dropped our other initial connection. We both live free now, a freedom that we had searched for our entire lives. Iboga set us free, not only from our long term drug addictions, but from our minds. We are free now from the illusions our fucked up minds created. Derby was just here in Costa Rica at my house this past week visiting, we had so much fun, and all while completely sober... something both of us used to truly believed was impossible. Its amazing to see how well he is doing and how at peace he now lives. I love to see everyone I have worked with doing well, but its especially gratifying for me when its one of my boys from back home. Nice work brotha! - Pura Vida

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