Saturday, February 21, 2015

ESPN Films - Chris Herren Story "UNGUARDED"

I had the privilege to hear Chris Herren speak a couple of years ago at a high school near my home town back in MASS. If you ever have a chance, go hear this dude speak! AMAZING story. The next best thing to hearing him speak, is this movie about his life story. I just watched it again this morning for like the 10th time. I feel so many emotions every time I watch it... I can relate to his story in so many ways. I surely never played in the NBA, but his story is so similar to mine and so many others, the ups and downs, the struggles of being a junkie. Having everybody fooled, making it appear on the outside that everything was OK, but inside, living in a dark dark place of cocaine and heroin addiction. So happy for Chris that he has final found peace, he is doing amazing things by sharing his story. Sometimes it takes going to the bottom to finally break free, I know that's what it took for me. Helping people like us is the most amazing high I have ever found, and I've tried it all. Life is a gift and all we have is today. - Pura Vida