Tuesday, May 6, 2014

What is Spirituality?

There are tons of books out there on spirituality and how to have an "awakening". I have never read any of them, sure there could be some good ones...but reading some book is not going to give you an awakening or make you "spiritual". So what is spirituality? I used to think spirituality was some hippie dude walkin around in birkenstocks talkin peace and love...haha. I used to be sooo against it, I was what I guess you could call anti-spiritual. My father was a spiritual seeker for years and years, and man did it piss me off. Back then I was too worried about my image and what was "cool". Now I am very grateful that my dad was this way. He was looking for something... he read and looked into almost every "form" of spirituality for over 25 years. Well he finally found it and that was a big part in me finding it as well. So where did we find it? Spirituality is right inside of us, inside of you and me and every living thing on this earth. You may have to dig deep, real deep! But its in there, trust me. Being spiritual is just being connected with your soul and the spirit of life. Still not sure how to connect with your soul? Well you can start by loving yourself, and living in the moment. Forget about the past and don't worry about the future. Its really simple, it really really is, once you have the tools to do so. I am so grateful that Iboga & the Bwiti tradition have taught me these things. I may not look like the stereotypical "spiritual" person. But am I spiritual? You damn right I am and so are you. - Pura Vida