Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Great Testimonail from Geoff

“Iboga wellness center is a great place to find out the secrets you keep from yourself.
I recently went to the Iboga wellness center to deal with a general malaise that would manifest itself in really shitty behavior towards myself. I turned 40 last year and I figured it was time to deal with the excess baggage I had been carrying around since I was a boy. For years I was unable to stop myself from binge drinking. I could put em back with the best drinkers, the shot takers, the party folks, and I was good at it. And for years Ive missed full days afterwards being sick, throwing up, pounding headaches etc. I thought that was just how it is in life. Have fun and pay the price. Id miss play dates with my son, birthdays, family functions and days from work because my body was so sick. Not to mention what I was doing to my mental and emotional bodies day in and day out. Only to get up and do it all over again. Little did I realize that it was a symptom of not trusting myself and completely ignoring my soul.
I feel like a lot of the testimonials and talk surrounding Iboga are really focused on drug addiction and the release of those demons. Which is only one of the healing aspects of this medicine. The bottom line I realized about this, is this;
The addiction to a substance, to a specific way of thinking and or a way of acting that is counterproductive to living a fulfilling life are a symptom of whats going on at a root level.
Although I think this is common knowledge its important to state it. I knew it, and I think a lot of people stuck in the middle of their addictions or repetitive actions know this already. But I was missing a visceral experience or something tangible to confirm it to bring it into the light. Something to initiate a change, a swift kick in the pants to help make the change. A tangible understanding to wipe the slate clean and reorganize my thoughts about past experiences and to finally take charge of what I do to myself and my own body. To stop being a slave to whatever thoughts pop into my head and to take charge of my present actions.
I was yearning deeply to heal. Iboga helped me take the blocks away to realize the change and forgive myself for how Ive treated myself and others. Im standing taller, breathing deeper, thinking clearer, and feeling stronger now that some time has passed since my experience. And I don’t feel the need to alter my mood in any way. Although my reasons to heal were rooted in cyclical patterns and alcohol abuse, my experience was extremely spiritual in the cleansing process. It was an act of complete surrender and having the trust in myself to allow the healing into my life. If you are ready to heal and ready to trust the process, Iboga is the vehicle for it to happen.
I don’t even know where to begin or what to say about the facility or the staff. Staff sounds so clinical….All the folks there are administering and helping for the right reasons. Each one of them have their own story of healing and what brought them to working with this medicine. All of them are really approachable and are there to bounce any questions, fears or thoughts off of. The rooms and showers are really nice and provide ample space for silence and reflection. The food and women who cook are amazing also, they served fresh meat of all kinds, tons of fruit, veges, and juice. The watermelon was all time! I also felt very supported in anything I needed. If I wanted to talk, be silent and alone, eat, drink, swim, sleep or walk around I was able to do so without judgement. Iboga Wellness Center is definitely a place to heal and the space is geared for such.
Cheers to you all and may you find a peace you’ve never known.”
- Geoff L. from Wisconsin